Is Travel Insurance Mandatory Or Optional?

Have you travelled abroad, or are you planning a vacation abroad shortly? If so, you must know the significance of purchasing travel insurance.

Your medical insurance for travel will cover all your emergency-related expenses when you travel abroad. You can lose money, become stranded due to flight delays, or experience a medical emergency.

In most instances, your international travel insurance policy will provide coverage. This insurance policy will fulfil its function and protect you from unforeseen financial losses. So, a Travel Policy is essential, but please clarify whether it is required.

Is Travel Insurance Required When Travelling Abroad?

Approximately 34 countries in the globe require tourists to carry travel insurance. These nations have made it mandatory for travellers to obtain insurance against medical emergencies, accidents, loss of luggage/passports, property damage liability, and bodily injury. It is due to the expensive cost of treatment and living expenses.


Travel insurance from India may be optional for vacationers in other nations. Still, it is strongly recommended before visiting any foreign country. It is pertinent because:

  • It is the only reliable source of assistance within international borders.
  • It protects you from unnecessary costs in a medical emergency, personal liability, or another crisis, such as lost luggage.

Why should you purchase Travel Insurance?

There are numerous countries, such as the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom, where medical care is prohibitively expensive. Any unforeseen occurrence can leave you isolated abroad. And you want this to be avoided.

Here are some reasons you should purchase an international travel insurance policy:

  • Your travel insurance policy can cover all medical expenses for immediate treatment or emergency evacuation.
  • Suppose you cannot continue or begin your voyage due to unavoidable circumstances, but all reservations have already been made. Travel Insurance from India will cover costs associated with cancelling airline tickets and hotel reservations.*

Loss of Your Passport:

If you lose your passport or pocketbook, your travel insurance coverage can provide you with emergency cash and replace your passport. Your insurance provider canpay you a predetermined amount for the loss of your luggage. This maximum amount of compensation is listed in the travel policy for your convenience.*

Flight Delay:

Your purchased Travel Insurance can cover flight cancellations and delays.

Is there a positive effect of travel insurance on visa applications?

Yes, a Travel Insurance Policy will positively affect visa application processing. The requirement for a Travel Policy is included in the fundamental visa processing requirements. The officers want to ensure themselves and you that you will be able to pay for any medical or other emergency expenses.*

The Travel Policy also includes coverage for bodily injury and property damage liability. The embassy representatives of countries requiring insurance will verify your travel policy in advance. They do not want you or the natives of the country you are visiting to suffer due to your actions. *

Visa and travel insurance requirements vary from country to country. Before making reservations, please verify that you have complied with all requirements by visiting the country’s official website.

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*Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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