Tips That Can Help You Improve The Fuel Efficiency Of Your Bike

A bike’s fuel efficiency or mileage is the distance it can travel per litre of gasoline. It can also affect your Bajaj Allianz bike insurance premium. How you operate and maintain your motorbike can affect its fuel economy.

If you frequently use your motorbike for commuting, you may observe a decrease in mileage. You can take straightforward steps to ensure that your motorcycle is fuel-efficient. Here’s what you need to know.

Tips for Improving Bike Fuel Economy

  • Ensure routine bike maintenance.

During a bike service, mechanics inspect the various elements and components of the bike. They examine the engine’s condition, clutch and brake settings, tyre pressure, etc. These components can affect the gas mileage of your motorcycle. You must service your bike at least twice yearly to guarantee fuel efficiency.

  • Avoid parking in direct sunlight.

The fuel may dissipate if you leave your motorbike in the sun for an extended period. The percentage of evaporation, although initially negligible, can accumulate over time and reduce the performance of your motorcycle. Additionally, the radiation can cause vehicle paint to chip.

  • Verify tyre pressure

A motorcycle with poor tyre pressure consumes more fuel while in motion. Maintain the proper tyre pressure to minimise engine strain. You can check the air pressure in your tyres for a nominal fee at a local mechanic or gas station.

  • Examine the carburettor settings.

Your bike’s carburettor is a metal device that combines fuel and oxygen to cause internal combustion. Issues with the carburettor, such as grime deposits, may lead to gasoline loss. Ensure that it is routinely cleaned to improve the bike fuel efficiency.

  • Verify the fuel’s quality.

Avoid using fuel containing impurities or lead. Using leaded fuel can lead to irregular fuel consumption. The function of the engine may deteriorate, posing safety risks. It is prudent to avoid fueling up at unidentified petrol stations.

  • Avoid sudden acceleration

A sudden acceleration from 0 to 100 mph on your bike can result in high fuel consumption. For the bike’s health, it is necessary to accelerate gently and steadily while shifting gears correctly.

  • The Vitality of Bike Insurance

In India, two–wheeler insurance must cover at least third–party liability. However, if you choose a comprehensive insurance plan, you can defend yourself and third-party liabilities. Typically, bike insurance covers incidental damages to your two-wheeler and personal injuries. It may also include coverage for self-ignition and explosion-related bike damage.*

  • Avoid abrupt deceleration

Avoid sudden and abrupt stops, which can cause fuel loss. Maintain a low speed in heavy traffic so you are not compelled to apply the brakes abruptly.

  • Providing lubrication for the gears

If the chains on your bike are soiled, they will require more power to rotate. More power equals more fuel consumption. Regularly clean and lubricate your bike’s chain.

  • Protect Your Bike with Comprehensive Bajaj Allianz bike insurance

Accident-related repairs to your motorbike or other vehicles can be costly. Invest in bike insurance to safeguard your finances and let your insurer cover any damages.*

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