A Guide to Becoming a Building Tradesman: What you Need to Know

Lots of young Australians prefer to work outside and construction industry has always been a popular choice for men and women who like to work with their hands and learn a trade. Whether a bricklayer, plasterer or carpenter, these are trades that will always be in high demand and with a few years of learning, you can become qualified to work within your chosen field.


The best way to go about learning a building trade is to apply to a local builder as an apprentice, which is a mutually beneficial agreement whereby the builder teaches you everything you need to know and when you are qualified, you must work for them for a specific number of years. A typical trade apprenticeship lasts 3-4 years, during which time, you would study the theory and attend a local college and when working, you would be supervised by an experienced tradesman.


Once you are certified, you are able to work within your chosen field and with tradesman insurance, you are covered in the event of an accident. Many tradespeople work in a self-employed capacity, which involves filling in your own tax returns and keeping your accounts in order. This means you are hired by the contract and when it comes to an end, you have to find another contractor who needs your services.

Essential Support

In order to complete the trade apprenticeship, you will require a supportive employer, one that will send you to college one day a week, while you work in a team on various projects. It is important that you enjoy the work and if you apply yourself 100%, you should have no issues throughout your apprenticeship.

Online Solutions

If you would like to learn more about acquiring a trade, the Internet is a wealth of information and if you create a resume, you can send it to local builders to inform them of your intentions. Sadly, many builders no longer directly employ tradespeople, so it might take a while to find a builder who is prepared to take you on as a trainee.

Tools and Safety Equipment

Your employer would likely help you to buy the essential tools and other equipment that you will need and, in most cases, the apprentice repays the loan over a couple of years. During the apprenticeship, you can amass quite a collection of tools. While also gaining valuable hands-on experience in your chosen trade.

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